TROPICAL BUILDING SYSTEMS describes the work done by PT Balegede Indonesian company.creating timber structures ideal for temperate and tropical areas

We create pre-fabricated timber structures in Bali, Indonesia, and then disassemble them and ship those structures in containers to all parts of the world.

PT Balegede Internasional has been in full operation since January 1997 and has been involved in hundreds of projects since formation, supplying mainly roofs and also complete wooden buildings as well as elements  of buildings.

We have successfully completed substantial pre-fabricated export structures that have been re-erected in the Caribbean (Bahamas, British Virgin Islands and Antigua), mainland USA and Hawaii, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Saipan, Tahiti, Seychelles, Thailand, South Africa, Angola and Sri Lanka.

We are unusual in the market place because we are capable of being able to convert any architects design into a prefabricated building. We can pre fabricate any design from any style, of any size. It can be part or all of a building. This is our unique specialty. We are happy to work under the direction of any Architects or engineers that a client may nominate. We coordinate the design of the structure with the architect and engineer, utilizing our own highly detailed 3D CAD shop drawings, to minimize site cost and maximise pre fabrication.

All our work is noted for its very high quality woodwork. The timber that we use is all first quality termite proof tropical hardwoods which is sourced from certified legal sources. All brackets, screws and bolts are stainless steel. All structures are built by highly competent tradesmen supervised by an experienced Australian tradesman carpenters. Our buildings utilize a combination of traditional Asian and contemporary Western construction details, which create an extraordinarily high strength structure, yet one that is very simple to re-construct at its final destination.

All pre fabricated structures are supplied with succinct but detailed three dimensional re-construction instructions, which mean that we do not necessarily need to send workers to site.

We can consider any timber building that requires a high standard of finish at a reasonable cost.

PT Balegede has a combined depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience that allows us to challenge the most difficult constructions.  All of our personnel are committed and dedicated to the ownership of the finest details and quality of each structure.

Please explore our website, you will be amazed at the variety and complexity of our projects.

We look forward to hearing from you about your project and discussing how we can work with you



Tropical Buildings


by   PT Balegede Internasional